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A real feat in World of Warcraft,two gamers beat a boss of 40 players

Raids in Word of Warcraft are not an easy activity. The bosses inside are brutal and require the combined effort of 40 heavily armed players with the best equipment. On this occasion, however, two were enough, a warrior and a priest, to take down a boss with 1.8 million HP.

Take Onyxia, for example. Back in the day, this intimidatingly large black dragon was one of WoW's first-ever raid bosses and was responsible for the infamous "More DOTS!" meme due how difficult she could be. But in WoW Classic (which is a near perfect recreation of vanilla WoW), she's been killed in all sorts of embarrassing ways, like the time 32 warriors practically one-shotted her in a record-breaking 54 seconds, or when a 40-person raid group killed her without wearing any clothes. But today two players dealt the ultimate blow to Onyxia's frightful legacy by managing to whittle down all 1.8 million of her hitpoints by themselves. Why bring 40 players when two will suffice?

The victim of the "heroes" was the dragon Onyx. Despite the fact that she has 1.8 million "hit points", by today's standards she is not considered a difficult boss. The reason for this is mainly that she does not have many abilities and guild players have long learned to "correctly" fight it. Apparently, this is why Onyxia has become a frequent victim of "ridicule" of gamers - by this time it has already been "passed" by a group of 32 warriors (the victory went to players with almost one blow), as well as a group of characters without clothes.

Gendisarray and Shiftus, not caring about the odds, went into the black dragon's cave and began to pinch its 1.8 million life points. The job was neither quick nor easy: a lot of Health and mana potions were needed, every move and spell had to be considered, and a major mistake could have broken the guys ’experiment in the waist.

After 57 minutes of strenuous attention, we managed to cut off one of World of Warcraft's first raid bosses, all of which you can click to review.

It must be said, however, that Onyxia, by today's Word of Warcraft standards, is not a difficult boss, but this does not mean that the two had an easy life, the meeting was still designed for 40 players and having passed it in two is no small feat.

According to WoWhead, this is likely the first time anyone has managed to kill Onyxia with just two people—and it only took them 57 minutes to do it. The two players are Gendisarray and Shiftus, a warrior and a priest, who had to spend that hour perfectly coordinating their abilities and use of restorative items like healing and mana potions in order to stay in the fight., on the other hand, provides a safe, secure marketplace for players to instantly buy and sell WoW Gold at the cheapest prices. The bottom line -- Gamer to Gamer gold is cheaper than the currency sold via tokens at the in-game auction house.For WOW players who loved Vanilla WOW so much, the released date for WOW Classic has finally been confirmed and it will be launched on August 27, 2019! WOW classic gold & WOW gold classic are expected to have very high demand when the game is launched, WOW players are recommended to buy WOW classic gold or WOW Gold classic from and enjoy the cheapest price!
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