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About XBOX and PS reasons for price increases

With the recent purchase price and production costs rising XBOX and PS led Coins prices can only follow up, also please new and old customers to understand that we are regular operations of the company, the prices are published according to our cost of production or procurement price plus 20% of profits to develop the sales price, how do you find a cheaper price than other sites many of us, then I can responsibly tell you that they are either a liar, or is out of stock, or that they now did not understand the procurement market, our company stable daily output PS3 100M, XBOX 80 M, two out of inventory every day, so we can guarantee that most of the buyer's orders can be completed in time, occasionally there will be a shortage of inventory, but as long as you take the time to resell the player is set to more than 24 hours, we can complete your order within 24 hours!
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