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Astellia Royal launches on Steam in a simplified version - and replaces Astellia

Since September 2019, the Barunson studio has been operating its MMORPG Astellia in the West. Obviously, updates have become increasingly rare for months and last December, we discovered Astellia Royal: a new version of the MMO, operated in free-to-play by the small Korean studio Way2Bit.

Just the other day, the development team from Studio 8 and Way2Bit announced that Astellia Royal, which is a special version of the MMORPG Astellia, appeared on the Steam platform, at the same time as it officially entered the global market.

How is the new version being received? The Steam launch took place on March 11th. The ratings are currently only 33% (as of March 15 at 10:30 a.m. with 234 ratings).

Above all, players criticize the Pay2Win aspect. They don't like the fact that money can buy Astels and equipment. The fact that dungeon tickets can be bought in order to be able to perform more dungeon runs is also not well received. There are also some technical problems, such as failed logins when certain software is installed on the PC.

Those who have played Astellia know that the inhabitants of this world can call upon magical creatures to fight alongside them. These creatures are called Astels and they are at the heart of the gamepley of the free-to-play version. Indeed, you can call on the talents of these companions to eliminate your enemies and progress in the game. Their powers are numerous and you have the choice between dozens of magical companions: Unicorn, Sirius, Draco, Taurus…

This project is something like a “simplified” version of the original game, moreover, capable of providing users with additional gameplay opportunities, and all thanks to the removed restriction on PvP in open areas and a number of introduced “concessions”.

The latter include a reduced maximum level of characters, accelerated pumping, no requirements for wearing equipment and the ability to summon two astelles at once without any “penalties”.

The other big notable difference is that Astellia Royal is now more PvP focused than the original game. In the latter, PvP was limited to dedicated areas or battlefields like the Avalon. Now, PvP is present all over the world. So you can challenge your friends or players around the world at any time.

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