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Best Way for Leveling Warriors in WoW Classic

Warrior was by far the most popular Class in Vanilla, and all seems to suggest that he will be the most popular choice in WoW Classic as well. There is a good reason for Warrior's popularity - he is the best End-Game Tank and the backbone of any Raid. Moreover, properly geared Furry Warrior dishes out the highest DPS in the game, even surpassing Rogues who were regarded as THE melee DPS class back in Vanilla. On top of that, level 60 PvP Warriors can become unstoppable juggernauts when piloted properly and with some help from a healer.

However, there is always a "but"... and it is quite substantial when it comes to Warriors. Leveling a Warrior is a chore, his sustain is among the lowest in the game and his gear dependance is among the highest. Repair bills are massive, and it is very easy to accidentally die from overpulling mobs as a Warrior. His weaknesses do not end here, sadly. Warriors also get farmed in world PvP, especially when solo and at lower levels, and their skill ceiling is very high which means that there is a lot to learn and keep track of (which is not necessarily a bad thing, but playing a Warrior without previous experience will most likely get very frustrating very quickly). Players who will manage to overcome all these early weaknesses will be rewarded with one of the strongest End-Game Classes in the game and Warrior will repay them tenfold for all the leveling mishaps. In addition, if you are in need of Cheap WOW Vanilla Gold, you can visit our website

No matter what class you want to play, there are some best practices you can follow to make the experience more enjoyable and quicker overall. Leveling in WoW Classic is all about the journey and gradual progression of your character. If you’re not having a fun time on your way to level 60, then you’ll view leveling as a chore. This begins with ensuring you’re picking the right class that suits your personality and desired playstyle, so make sure a close-and-comfy warrior is the right class for you.

Every class in WoW Classic has important class-specific quests that allow them to gear up and learn new active abilities, which are often critical to the class. For Warriors, these are the quests that grant you the Defensive Stance Icon Defensive Stance and Taunt Icon Taunt abilities at level 10, the Berserker Stance Icon Berserker Stance and Intercept Icon Intercept quest at level 30, and Whirlwind Axe Icon Whirlwind Axe, also at level 30.
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