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Blade Reborn gives players a whole new game experience of dungeon explorations

Snail Games is a famous name in the World Online Game village, especially with the famous series of Nine Yin Chan Kinh on PC as well as Mobile. That's why when this big guy launches new products, gamers are always excited about the opportunity to experience many quality games. Blade Reborn - ARPG rookie that has just been put into Open Beta by Snail Games, is a typical example of that image.

Game Blade Reborn takes you to a seemingly peaceful world but is suddenly attacked by dark forces, spreading death and evil. Become a savior of humanity, gamers must stand up to face this doom. With the attractive fantasy storyline Blade Reborn of Snail Games quickly attracts players to every detail of the game.

Blade Reborn gives players a whole new game experience of dungeon explorations with Action features, in-combat weapon switching mechanics and tons of unique PVP modes. Players have found out the deepest secret in the dungeon with the choice of 3 distinct warring classes: The Fast-immortal wizard, the incomparable warrior, the Silent fatal assassin, each of those class wields 2 weapons with 4 unique skills, specific rune and talents combinations. Which empowers them to attack with destructive combos. In addition, there are up to 64 skill talents can be used to create a unique build for the character.

How to play
  • Left Hand: Used to control the character's movement in analogue style.
  • Right Hand: Used to press various attack buttons such as normal attack buttons, skill buttons to use special abilities, etc.
  • Blade Reborn Game Features
  •     3D game images, beautiful HD graphics, very elegant.
  •     3 professions to choose from: warrior, mage and assassin.
  •     Each class has two weapons to choose from. Switching weapons is like switching classes.
  •     Skills for each class that are available to develop and upgrade a variety.
  •     Lots of weapons, armor or accessories to find and upgrade.
  •     Unlimited dungeons and giant bosses to level up Find many rare items.
  •     Thrilling PvP system
  •     The quest system (Quest) automatically allows players to walk to find points - send missions more easily.
  •     Mount system such as wolf, horse, dinosaur or dragon, etc.
  •     There are many servers to support.
  •     Connect via Facebook account or register the game. to store data in the Cloud
  •     Support Thai, English and many other languages
It is also because of watching Diablo to learn, so Blade Reborn lets gamers experience the heat of combat in front of the herd of monsters. The image of the blade sweeping through layers of foreign objects rushing in front and then extended by ground-vibration techniques.. will indeed give gamers a rare hand feeling on Mobile.

Blade Reborn brings a world of extremely vibrant experiences with battle modes that combine traditional form of overcoming obstacles to fierce fighting MOBA. The rich boss system will be a provocation for gamers who love to express themselves.

There is a famous sentence: "If you are good at something - never do it for free." It applies to the currency making in Blade Reborn. Blade Reborn Diamonds farmers are given the opportunity to make gaming their daily job. It is straightforward - the more you can make in the game, the more you will be able to sell for real currency. If you want to buy Blade Reborn Diamonds, just turn them into riches at the secure marketplace!
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