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Buy FIFA 15 COINS Urgent Notice Of Every Buyer Please Fill In Correct Player Details

Hello, Everyone, Today I Will Share An Very Important And Urgent Notice:
Recently More Than 20-30 Buyer Have Filled In Incorrect Player Details In Their Order Package, Which Means That We Can Not Find Out Their Player According To Their Player Details In The Order Packages.
Generally Speaking, It May Caused By Few Reason As Below: 
(1) Buyer Have Never List Their Player In The Transfer Market, Though They Have Filled In Player Details In Their Order Package. 
(2) Buyer Have Listed Their Player In The Transfer Market, But Filled In Incorrect Player Details In The Order Package.
Most Buyer Would Likely To Fill In Incorrect : 
Player's Name:
Buyer's FUT Name:(NOT Player's Club Name)
Transfer Duration:(Website Only Suggest 1 Day And 3 Days, But Most Buyer List Player For 1 Hour )
Start Price: (We Suggest List For Special Price And Need Fill In Special Price)
Buy Now Price:(We Not Cover Ea Tax, We Only Accept Buyer List Player Buy Now Price= Order Package Price)
Filling In Incorrect Buyer's FUT Name, Which Would Have Caused That : 
(1) Buyer Can Not Receive FIFA 15 COINS Quickly , Because We Need Contact Every Buyer About Their Player Details Before Delivery.
(2) We Can NOT Finish Delivering Coins To Every Order Package In Time.
Disclaimer And Important Delivery Notice :
(a) Normally , We Would Only Buy Every Player According To Your Order Player Details. Once 
We Have Bought The Player , Your Order Is Completed . 
(b) Our Website Is Not Responsible For All Of The Reasons Because Of Buyer Fill In Incorrect Player 
Details. If Happens, Buyer Should Take All The Responsibility Himself/Herself. So Every Buyer 
Please Fill In Correct Player Details Before Pay!
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