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Dragon Revolt is a new mobile MMORPG from Snail Games with a fantasy theme

Dragon Revolt is a mobile fantasy MMORPG from Snail Games developed for iOS and Android devices where players must take up arms as an imperial power attempts to stop a renegade faction's uprising. The Rossel Empire or the Asta Blood Alliance are at war with each other, and it has come time for you to choose a side. Play as one of the Holy Trinity of MMORPG classes on the faction of your choice and take one dungeons, dragons, and other players! There are few who can even handle the dungeons of the world, let alone the massive draconian beasts that wander the world. Will you defy the odds?

A New story is sitting tight for you to partake in, simply get your legend from two groups and appreciate the remarkable storyline occasions and finish mission as your rank will go ever more elevated your energy and notoriety should increment also, get assistance from Dragon Revolt tricks to achieve your objective and turn into the best player in the whole world.

When the game starts, we will have to choose which side will be on the shore. Rocklanz Empire or go to the side Azttha Alliance Although both sides will have different characters for us to play. Whoever likes the characters of any side can click to see before choosing as well. If you can decide, you can choose the character you like.

Three types of classes in Lothelan Empire
  •      Elf – this class is strong and so swift  that’s why every attempts to hit  her has a difficulty because of  her dodging skills. This delicate elf has exceptional ability in arts, poetry and communion with the nature.
  •      Human –  He got the ability to diminish the cooldown of  every skills  after they used it in the battle and gives you a chance to re-use them for countless times.
  •      Halfling – Increases his dodge skill that helps to avoid the attempts hit but Halfling has less stamina.

Three types of classes in Ashitar Alliance
  •     Undead – He has a less stamina that usually used for magical production. He also has a chance to deal with an extra damage but recover instantly when attacking.
  •     Barbarian – He is a natural-born warrior who worships power and has an idea that only the strong can survive. Has a higher Max HP and increased Crit and attack damage.
  •      Draken – Although Drakens have a low number because of low breeding, they have an incredible ability to do something for magic and power. Increased stamina and can decrease the continuous attacks of enemy.

The amusement is occurring between two in number and huge groups, so we are at this Dragon Revolt manage we should review it with subtle elements so you could be effortlessly picking between the most appropriate group and choose where your steadfastness will be.

The system of the game is also available as many as the MMORPG players desire. Then it will be able to travel in the wider world. Which will let the game walk for you or want to open the map yourself, choose as you like So there's definitely no straying. Upon completing the quest, you will be rewarded with experience points. which can lead it to develop the skills of the character and new weapons or armor that we can find to wear to develop the character as well

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