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EA could be forced to remove Maradona from FIFA 22

According to reports from Argentine sources, in particular from the Infobae website, it seems that a local judge has found an infringement in the use of the trademark rights linked to the use of the image and characteristics of Maradona.

According to the Argentine website Infobae, judge Marcelo Gota recognized the claim of the rights of the registered trademark "Maradona" by the company Sattvica of Matías Morla, which acquired control of the brand last August, almost a year after the departure of the Pibe de Oro. Electronic Arts, in fact, had previously entered into an agreement with Maradona's friend and manager Stéfano Ceci, who, however, did not have the legal power over the player's brand. The judge's ruling therefore requires that the use of the player's name and images on FIFA 22 be stopped pending any investigations and developments on the matter.

 Infobae claims to have had access to Marcelo Gota, the judge who passed the ruling. A Google translation of his statement reads: "It is necessary to make room for the precautionary measure aimed at avoiding the use of the designation in alleged infringement of trademark rights (...) without prejudice to setting a real surety in order to protect the rights of the counterpart, taking into account the seriousness of the the requested measure. Regarding Electronic Ars INC, the precautionary measure requested to immediately cease the use of the indicated brands that by whatever means they are carrying out”.

Maradona died at age 60 last year after a heart attack, just two weeks after being released from brain surgery at a hospital in Buenos Aires. Also, according to Eurogamer, a portion of Maradona’s estate will go on sale next month after his five surviving children chose to do so.

 Imagine the reaction of someone who paid for a new FIFA Ultimate Team player pack and happened to get Diego Maradona. With 95 Dribbling, 91 Shooting and an overall of 95, the late football legend would have been the star man in any team. Now imagine the same person's reaction after EA decides to remove Maradona's FUT card.

Meanwhile, FIFA 22 has already brought EA to dizzying takings in the second quarter, while the Title Update 3 was released a few days ago.

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