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Elsewhere on the pitch in fifa 15, the changes are more subtle

How fitting that on the day I review FIFA 15, I am retweeted by my eight-year-old self's footballing hero, Gary Lineker. His exploits in the 1990 World Cup kickstarted a life-long love affair with football, and his own game Gary Lineker's Hot Shot on the Amiga began a search for my own perfect football game, a search that continues nearly a quarter of a century later.

For starters, FIFA always conveys everything to the player through the neat, communicable metaphor of a television broadcast. Matches begin with the same fanfare of a Sky Sports Super Sunday, proceed with the dim chatter of dim commentary teams, and feature the same accurately modelled gurning faces. Replays, camera angles, on-screen stats; everything, useful or not, is displayed in accordance with the language of sport television. Elsewhere on the pitch, the changes are more subtle. The passing feels a little quicker, sharper and more precise. The game also seems to support variations in build-up play with more unusual attacks often paying off.

EA will tell us that their "Ignition" engine was a massive change, but long-time FIFA fans will know better. The animation has gotten a little smoother, the shirt textures a little more detailed, but deep down, in how the players move on the pitch and how everything feels through your controller, the bones of this series haven't seen a total overhaul since FIFA 07. And it's all starting to feel a bit stale.

The extremes on the quick in-game tactics have also been extended. It is now possible to go from Ultra-Attack to All Out Attack - a switch that sees your team throw everything at your opponent. In contrast, it is also now possible to 'Park The Bus'. In terms of the menus, most of it feels exactly the same as previous titles apart from the Team Management. Making substitutions and switching tactics has been given a slight makeover. It takes a tiny getting bit of used to but ultimately seems like another step in the right direction. The usual game-modes are available as well, from the popular Ultimate Team to the standard cups and career mode.

However, all this does not matter if the game does not play well and we can happily report that FIFA 15 plays amazingly well. Players have fluid movement and whilst sometimes collisions can seem a bit silly with players flying all over the place, in general the physics engine plays its part very well. You might wonder why a player goes flying, only to find that the opponent on replay ankle tapped them at high speed. Scoring goals can be difficult, the goalkeepers even on the default difficulty are very good, but when you do score, as you have to work for it - it's very rewarding.

Hopefully, with the transition between console generations a little less painful by next year, we'll be able to play something fresher when FIFA 16 comes around. That or we could all take a much closer look at Pro Evo when it's out later in the year, since last year's overhaul promised so much.
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