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Every aspect of fifa 15 is nice and made it easy to use

As a huge football fan and admittedly, frequent FIFA 14 player, I simply couldn’t wait to get my hands on FIFA 15 . Until FIFA 13, I found that neither EA Sports‘ game nor the competitor satisfied my idea of virtual football anymore; I used to say that football games were in a limbo of sorts, and that perhaps only a mix of the best features of both could produce a truly compelling title.

Every aspect of the game is nice and made it easy to use, with a level of variable depth. Do you want to devote his energies to the management of manic tactics of your team? You can do it, and the changes will have a real impact on the meetings. You just want to play, fregandovene tactics and schemes? You can do it with just a few steps and you will be in the field. Do you want to pursue a career as a coach, or even from the first tip from goalkeeper? You can do and earn a place in the national team, as owner or even as CT. You just want to play online against friends and strangers to climb the charts? You can do that too.

The control system of FIFA 15, tested and refined in recent years, is now a guarantee of immediacy and precision. Improvements made to the movements of the players make the changes of direction even more fluid and is finally passed away the annoying delay response that seemed to afflict some old editions.

Career Mode fans rejoice! Opposing teams will now adjust their play style to suit the importance of the fixture. From what I understand it’s less “Wigan play in this way” and more “This is a semi final not a mid table dead rubber” but it’s a start. Teams will also consider the status of the game whilst playing so in theory, a lower league side who take a lead against a bigger team might then decide to “park the bus”. Because of the nature of the playtest and the teams available it’s hard to comment on this as we couldn’t really test it.

While the single-player can at times become monotonous due to the suspect AI, FIFA’s Online Seasons should, in theory, be the arena for which the game’s layered gameplay shines as players lock horns in a battle for footballing supremacy. Sadly, for the most part, Online Seasons just manages to extrapolate the disjointed gameplay as the majority of the real-life opposition you’ll come up against have the ability to exploit the pace and defensive issues we’ve mentioned, with it more often than not resulting in a flurry of goals. On the plus side, it’s rarely a bore, with a goalless draw about as likely as seeing Roy Keane clean shaven.
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