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FIFA’s Cardinal Rules - Keeping Your Forwards Forward And Defense Back In FUT 15

Keep your forwards forward and your defense back. This is one of FIFA’s cardinal rules that gets overlooked so many times.  If you strip one of the attackers rushing towards your goal with one of your defenders, do not take that defender and run up the field with the ball.  Doing this will leave a gap in the defense, thus making you open to a counter attack.  Make sure you use each player at the position he’s in.  If your defense assumes control of the ball, get clear and pass it to a midfielder, who in turn could make headway and allow your defender to fall back into his roll of keeping your keeper safe. That about wraps it up for beginner tips in FIFA 15.  If you take these tips into consideration and play smart, you should be able to achieve wins sooner than later.  Now all you have to worry about is coming up with your own goal song.  That’s a whole other discussion.

FIFA 15 definitely makes you work for points.  Its freshly polished Keeper AI does its best to prevent you from scoring. Goalkeepers are now more lifelike than ever, with more awareness and intelligence. Keepers now adhere to the laws of momentum, and are able to read and react to gameplay situations with uncanny realism.  A keeper moving in the wrong direction now reacts to a change in ball flight to make a save by reaching back or extending a leg at the last second. If that wasn’t enough to make you stay out late tonight and take a few more practice shots on net, shooting in general is way more realistic. Just holding shoot  won’t cut it anymore.  Expect players to overshoot, undershoot and miss the ball completely if you get tugged on by a defensive player, or even injured mid shot.

By using our expert tips on the site, you will learn all the basics on how to become better at FIFA 15 or previous versions in the series.  You will also be able to view tutorials and see video’s  tips being put into practice.

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