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FIFA 14 Top 7 Tips and Tricks

Since its release on September 27, FIFA 14 has gone on to become one of this year’s biggest-selling video games. Cheap Fifa 14 Coins for sale,Buy Cheap Fifa 14 Coins
That’s no mean feat, either, considering it has had to contend with the insanely popular Grand Theft Auto V in the UK sales charts over the last two months, even toppling Rockstar’s title at one stage.
And, with the release of FIFA 14 on the next generation consoles – PlayStation 4 and Xbox One – coming at the end of this month, sales are expected to sky-rocket further still.
Sales figures to one side, EA’s long-running franchise is just as good on the field as it is off it, offering players one of the most realistic football simulations on the market.
’14, the latest release, is arguably the best in the series so far, bringing new features to the table such as the ‘Ignite Engine’, which affects a variety of things, from goal-scoring to collision detection.
It’s also, some say, more difficult to master than any iteration that has come before it, due to its slowed down pace and sluggish feel.
We tend to agree with these assertions, and there is a steep learning curve to navigate.
However, fortunately for you, here, we lend a helping hand by going through the Top 7 Tips & Tricks for FIFA 14.
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