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Fifa 15’s single player modes remain similar to last year’s modes

This year's FIFA lets you better customise the behavior of supporting players, meaning that while one striker can act as a target man and back into defenders, another can make dashing runs behind the defense. My only complaint with this system is that without direction on the default setting, the players actually seem less intelligent and not as willing to make those clever runs. Likewise, the commentators will criticize the goalkeeper for not reaching a ball that was a "good height", ignoring the fact that he had previously been taken out of the game with a square ball across goal. FIFA 15 may not be brimming with new ideas and game modes, but it is the most polished and enjoyable version of the football sim yet.

Not surprisingly, this year there is less repetitive game commentary as well more realistic stadium sounds, with crowd-specific chants and crowd reactions to goals and misses now fully integrated into the game (alas, saucier, profanity-laced chants have not yet made it into the game). And yes, the field does look more realistic, showing wear and tear as the game goes along, with every stadium from the Barclays Premier League rendered beautifully. There are plenty of other little improvements, including some new features in the highly popular FIFA Ultimate Team mode (in a nutshell, that mode allows you to build your own custom team and play matches to earn coins to upgrade your team), updates to the career mode, online play, and improved set-piece control.

Performance in FIFA 15 follows last year's pattern. It's 60fps when played with the default viewpoint, but capped at 30fps for the pro camera mode, set-pieces and replays. The Xbox One and PS4 run at perfect rates regardless - save for Microsoft's hardware occasionally buckling during intro cut-scenes. It's not a deal-breaker of course. To the Xbox One version's credit, it receives 14 exclusive Legends players for FIFA's Ultimate Team mode, joining an existing roster of 41 Microsoft-exclusive players from last year. From a content perspective this is a boon, but in the face of the PS4 version's technical advantage perhaps a trivial one - give or take your commitment to this mode. The PC version also makes a sturdy first use of the Ignite engine; a frills-free offering outside of its 4x MSAA, but - for better or worse - a match for the PS4 version in visuals and frame-rate locks.

Fifa 15’s single player modes remain similar to last year’s modes. Dominated by the career mode, players can play as a player or player-manager as they try to take their chosen team up the league ranks whilst sorting out loans, transfers, tactics, keeping their team ship shape and even attempting to reach international success. It’s relatively untouched and plays just as fantastic as it did last year. You have a real sense of incite as to the execution and operation of your team and success or failure depends on your very own decisive actions and it’s as close to the real thing as you’ll ever get to being a Premiership manager. Aside from the fantastical career, Ultimate team is another mode that has stayed put. It once again remains a combination of footy team manager and collectable card game.

If all of this sounds exceedingly complicated, that's because it is. There's a reason that FIFA fans glom on to this game the same way they do with the console releases: it's a complex sports simulation game that requires tactful planning, high level strategy, and constant management of resources to master. And that's if everything works properly. If the game drops out right before a match is finished, that means that you lose any opportunity to gain currency back after being required to invest it just to start the match. In other words: the instability of the game has made it so some players are left stuck in a bind where they're consistently losing the very resource required to keep playing the game.
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