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FIFA 15 comes with its share of incremental improvements

Like all FIFA titles of the past few years, FIFA 15 comes with its share of incremental improvements, controversial gameplay tweaks (this year; faster play, much harder defending) and pretty much the same set of frustrations from the last one you played. The series has slowly turned into a club who will splash millions on flashy strikers while ignoring basic structural deficiencies in their team; and unless my E3 2015 fan-fiction somehow turns into an eerie Derren Brown-like prediction I’d expect much the same next year. Except, you know, with the crucial addition of next gen player-mounted insect tech or something.

Except this year the back of FIFA 15’s box is conspicuously lacking the one-line marketing punches and gaming features typically used to anchor each FIFA’s newness and purchasability in our minds. Last year we had Pure Shot, Precision Movement, and - who could forget? - Protect The Ball. This year there’s just “Feel the game”, a directive that’s not only superfluous to anyone holding the box at the time, but a nebulous step away from the confident promises made by mechanical sloganeering.

As for our country, laments the loss of comments and game text in Portuguese. This is something to which we have become accustomed to having to go several years, which turns out to be a significant loss, to stop listening to comments firsthand by a known duo, and in particular Hélder Conduit. As for the Portuguese League is officially represented, with 18 clubs, though, and once again, no stage of the great national clubs. Again EA Sports has chosen to favor the Premier League, adding the few stadiums that were missing for 20 and 200 properly modeled players. As the UK market largely responsible for the success of the game easily realize up support, as opposed to the Portuguese market.

Happily, the smarter AI also makes an appearance among your teammates. Everyone moves around a little more than in the past, hunting for space, changing angles and offering themselves for a pass. That’s most noticeable with how strikers will more reliably find themselves space in the penalty area so that your tricky wingers now have a greater chance of finding a finishing touch at the end of their expertly weighted cross.

The biggest difference, for someone who sinks as much time into Career Mode as myself at least, is the ability to save multiple team sheets. No longer do you have to manually rotate every single player in your starting eleven before every match because they’re still knackered from the one before. Now you can set up a first and a second eleven, or maybe a league team and a cup team. Each one can have a different formation and tactics, too, so you can have one setup for when on the road to the big boys and one when at home in a must-win six-pointer. My moderate estimations  predict the feature should save you at least 10,000 hours over the next 12 months.
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