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FIFA 15 feels significantly better than FIFA 14

FIFA 15′s crowds exhibit unique actions that more accurately match the teams on the pitch. For example, the Argentinean fans of Boca Juniors jump and shout like merry madmen in celebration of a goal, the whole stadium looking as though it’s going to crumble from the vibrations. Man City’s fans, on the other hand, are more than ready to engage in their recently-adopted ‘Poznan’ victory dance after an important win.

Now, sure, I could just play FIFA 14. It's not available on the App Store any more, but I can re-download it from my Purchased history. I don't really care all that much about having current rosters, I'm not really a soccer fan at all, I just like watching the World Cup and playing soccer video games. The problem is that FIFA 15 feels significantly better than FIFA 14. The player physics have a pleasing weight to their movements that feels realistic. The controls have been expanded upon, to where you can now do through lobs, and finesse shots are actually done by swiping on the shoot button! Being able to disable the style move button for increased pass flexibility really opens up the game. FIFA 15 feels like a subtle, but significant advance for the series.

Colliding opponents might stand up and push one another while jawing for a moment, or a player might turn to their teammate and give them a thumbs-up after missing a shot to let them know the missed goal was the fault of their foot, not a bad pass. A player might discuss their foul with the referee, or even run up and smack the flag in the corner of the field. Some moments play out in the engine, but most are close-up cuts to the animations, often accompanied by expertly-delivered lines from the returning commentary team, Martin Tyler and Alan Smith. Sports games often tout "like it looks on TV" presentation, but FIFA 15's broadcast style is much more lifelike thanks to these subtle changes.

The contracts system, then, is the real downer on this game. I would understand if it was more of a pure energy system, and getting replacements for bronze-level players is cheap and easy enough. But it's the specter that haunts everything you do in this game, that even your lower-tier squads are a ticking time bomb that you must constantly manage. And when you get that Ultimate Team, you can't really enjoy it for too long. I suppose that's true of sports in real life, sure. But does the contracts system make the game more fun? I can definitely say that it does not.

A big complaint I've had with FIFA over the years has been its fear of counter-attacking football. Through-balls rarely found open space, and even when they did, defenders could easily run down attackers. Not this year. EA have done a complete 180, with through-balls cutting easily into wide open pastures and attackers able to bolt through onto goal once they've got the ball. Some people will complain this throws out balance, but as someone who enjoys this style of football - and let's not forget, a lot of teams score a lot of goals like this - I love it.

In truth, because it's been so long awaited, the tactical overhaul feels half baked. The interface is a vast improvement, but that says a more about the old interface than it does the new. Yes, we now have some new functionality in the form of player instructions, but as old functionality seems to have gone missing (such as man marking), it feels like a sidestep more than a forwards one. Compared to the awesome depth provided in games like Football Manager, it feels pedestrian. One of the particularly surprising things about this edition of the game is the sheer lack of polish. The PS4 edition in is plagued by a gamebreaking issue which brings the framerate to its knees without irritating workarounds, and the interface by default spills beyond the screen. I’ve also experienced numerous instances of online results (every time a win or draw, just my luck) disappearing into an abyss. You’d have to hope that these issues will be dealt with promptly, but either way it feels unbecoming of such a large franchise.
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