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FIFA 15 is a much better looking game than FIFA 14

As most of you may know, FIFA 15 has two versions: new gen—the PS4, XBox One and the PC and one for the old gen—PS3 and XBox 360. When FIFA made the announcement, I had written off the PS3 and 360 version as a rehash of FIFA 14 with some slight tweaks and mods as was the case with FIFA 10 on PC which was horrible for the PC but a brilliant, brilliant game for the PS3 and 360.

That may not sound like much of a change over the past four years of best-in-class offerings, and indeed, structurally, the major modes and components of FIFA 15 are only modestly adjusted. The player emotion would be nearly unrecognizable without the broadcast package that highlights it. Conversely, a video game approximating a televised event needs something compelling to show. FIFA 15 goes over the top to highlight exhausted, jubilant teammates hugging it out on the pitch as the crowd goes bananas, but not to the point that it feels unearned.

FIFA 15 is going to be a much better looking game than FIFA 14 or any of its other predecessors. Player models have high polygon counts, and there's an attention to detail throughout each arena. You'll quickly be happy you invested in a next-gen console—that is, if you play on PS4 or Xbox One. Crowds are also much more vibrant than ever before. You'll hear cheers and chants throughout the course of games, just like in real life. Making a goal is more exciting than ever before.

New animations have been created for defenders, from shirt grabbing to brushing players off the ball, these make tackling more of an art than a science and it might prove a struggle for newbies to master. There's also goal line technology, which is a neat touch but it seems to still have some glitches that need ironing out, plus over a dozen new celebrations including Samuel Eto'o's old man dance.

Goalkeepers should also catch your eye with impressive saves thanks to the new animations designed specifically for them. Keepers leap, twist and stretch in all manner of ways to stop shots. Eluding their reach is tough as they will smartly flail whatever limb is necessary to deflect a shot.  Even if they are falling backwards or completely airborne. And this new range of motion makes them quite difficult to beat.  

In a word, the graphics in FIFA 15 are incredible, unless you're stuck on the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3. Everything looks good and it's very nice to see the environments become part of the action. The player models are mostly solid but the nearly-lifelike faces, with "nearly" being the operative word there, can cause some awkward moments. Some collisions are weird and players may fly out of a tackle like they've been hit by a tank shell but actually, that may just be soccer.
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