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FIFA 15 Is Showing What It’s Doing -The Most Eyecatching And Exciting Match

Increasingly, FIFA seems more interested in simulating a TV broadcast of a match rather than the beautiful game itself. In some cases, that’s not necessarily a bad thing: there’s something special about Martin Tyler reading out the team sheets and highlighting your team’s setup in the early stages of a match, while the recorded snippets of commentary are stitched together more seamlessly than ever.

It’s moments like this that highlight one of the biggest problems with annualised sports franchises: FIFA 15 is showing what it’s doing differently, that its changes are more in service of the feature list on the back of the box than the quality of the simulation itself. My celebratory response to a last-minute Sebastian Giovinco volley which finally broke a stubborn Sassuolo rearguard action (their Park The Bus strategy proving frustratingly efficient) is testament to how FIFA can stir passions like almost no other game. But even with some sensible investments this season, it’s a little way short of its best form.

Landon Donovan is a midfielder and striker of American football player, US Soccer representatives. He has took part in the fourth consecutive World Cup and won "American Footballer of the Year" title six times, while retired until get the champion of US Major League. His SIF card price growth rapid after he retired, now his price from 14K rose to 26K!

The most eyecatching and exciting match on FIFA15 recently must be the match between the players from Liverpool and Everton yesterday. Merseyside derby , the players from Liverpool beat Everton which seemed to owe much to their calmness .There were 7 players in total from the two clubs in this game : three from Liverpool and four from Everton . In the first game, Liverpool won Everton at 4-0,and for the next time , Everton beat Liverpool at 3-1 ,and for the final game,Liverpool won Everton at 3-2.In this match , there was something special for that a young child of Baines’ was brough in who helped bring the victory to Everton in the next game.

All in all, they brought a fantastic video match for us. 

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