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FIFA 15 is the first truely next-gen FIFA game

Disenchanted is probably the word I’d use to describe my feelings towards the FIFA franchise over recent years. There’s no doubt it’s the premier mainstream footballing game on the market, although it’s main rival Pro Evolution Soccer, does have its own charm, but the long-running EA Sports franchise has felt very samey and scripted when the new season novelty has worn off. FIFA 15 is the second next-gen release of the series, but since FIFA 14 was during the Xbox One and PS4′s’ awkward adolescent stage, it’s fair to say that FIFA 15 is the first truely next-gen FIFA game.

I’ve played FIFA 15 on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One, then predominantly on the One. EA promised ‘incredible visuals’, they weren’t wrong. Player features and characteristics are well captured and realistic. If you look close enough, you’ll even see hair movement, facial reactions and demeanor. Kits now move as the player moves, dirt and stains appear on team players depending on where they’ve fallen or slid. Each individual blade of grass can now be seen beneath the wonderfully authentic futbol boots. As players run around the pitch, you can see where they have stood and tackled. As the game goes on, the field looks worn and tired as evident by it’s use.

The gameplay feels slightly sluggish. FIFA 14 felt responsive and fast, whereas FIFA 15 feels like running through syrup and trudging the pitch along with you. A simple pass can elude even the most adept of players, leaving you confused as to how the ball decided to bypass the player you were aiming for by 20 yards. Once the transition from the previous title is complete and you become more accustomed with FIFA 15, this fortunately does disperse, allowing players to feel more comfortable with the controls and feel of the game.

Not only has the goaltending become more challenging, but opponent AI gameplay has been beefed up as well. Opposing squads are better passers and will cross you up to keep you guessing when they have the ball. They also stay right in your face on defense, I even had players pull on my jersey to slow me down. I found the new AI to be more lifelike, adding a sense of realism to the game. These issues aside, “FIFA 15” is a blast. With a ton of new content and some improvements and features, this is a title that soccer/football fans must pick up.

Ultimately FIFA is a football game, certainly the best in its field for several incarnations, and it’s the in game action that defines how enjoyable the game is.
Offering three different control schemes, an onscreen virtual joypad, touch friendly casual controls and for the first time Bluetooth controllers, FIFA offers options to try an accommodate most types of gamer.
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