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Hope this guide that can help you with your Toram Online journey as a Blacksmith

BLACKSMITH is one of the production class in Toram RPG Online who specialize in creating, upgrading and refining equipment to strengthen your character in the game.

Smithing has 4  aspects and 5 types of skills.

(1.) Production
The skill proficiency  has a huge impact on the success rate and the amount of items you could create. If your proficiency is low not only will you not be able to create stronger items, the current items you could create will also have a larger risk of breakage or degradation.

(2.) Refining Equipment
Refining equipment means to increase the base attack (atk) or defence (def) of an equipment. To do you must have special items like hematite or Damascus ore, the item refining, and optional, a special item like blacksmiths hammer. Each time this is done it only increases by +1 and there is a risk of failure which can either

*Make the item lose 1 base attack point
*Destroy the item.

(3.)Create equipment
This is exactly what it says. It makes equipment that is sellable and tradeable. Most equipment dropped by mobs or bosses is not tradable but they come with preset ability's and the same is items made at the blacksmith in Sofya City. The cool thing about this skill is it comes with no abilities. You may find this weird but I will explain equipment made by this skill comes with potential. Potential is used with this next skill.

(4.) Customize Equipment
As said in the last skill this one is used with player made weapons and armour. Player made equipment have potential which is what this is all about. Potential is used to give it an ability in exchange for material points. Let's say you bought a water staff with 36 potential --10 potential is used to give that staff a water element( and for future reference you cant use 2 elements on a weapon but only one work).

You need to go to the Library to buy the skill from Lilulu. The Level 1 Smith Skill Tree price vary depending on the number of skill trees you have. But the Level 2 Skill Tree is always worth 1,000 Spina. You need to have a level 30 character to unlock this skill.

Every char has Blacksmith Profiency Level which can be seen at Menu>Character>Stat>Production. This is your smithing level, it affects what item you can craft and the success rate. This level can be increased by crafting items. By default the level cap is 50. Each level of Novice's, Craftsman's, Blacksmith's, and Master's Anvil skill increase Blacksmith Profiency's level cap by 5, so maxing all four will raise the cap to 250. There is no need to max all four right away if the current game update doesn't allow us to reach 250 profiency level yet.

Skill Recommendation – Alchemy Skill Tree
1. Level 10 Item Synthesis - You can synthesize items by yourself. The success rate is lower than the synthesists but you don't need Spina.
2. Level 10 Mid-Class Synthesis - Increase the success rate of Item Synthesis a little.
3. Level 10 High-Class Synthesis - Increase the success rate of Item Synthesis.
4. Level 10 Equipment Synthesis - You can synthesize equipment by yourself. The amount of possible locked choices
are lower than the synthesists but you don't need Spina.
Put Points in here when your Alchemy Proficiency reaches Level 50
5. Level 5 Novice's Bottle - Increases the proficiency limit of pharmacy. You can level up the proficiency up to Lv50 without this skill.
6. Level 5 Craftsman's Bottle - Increase the proficiency limit of pharmacy.
7. Level 5 Synthesis Bottle - Increase the proficiency limit by 5 per skill level.

Well! That’s all for the basics of making a Blacksmith Crafter! I hope this at least helped to understand crafting more simple OwO!

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