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How To Avoid The Conflicts In The FIFA 15 Team

As we all know, the disagreements and differences are inevitable with teams. On the same condition, players may find some conflicts existing in the FIFA 15 when they are playing. So how to avoid the conflicts in the FIFA 15 team becomes a problem worthy of study. As far as I’m concerned,  the best strategy is encouraging team members to learn behaviors that help them work through conflicts and maintain respectful working relationships in the process. If you want to avoid the conflicts in your FIFA 15 team, please put these constructive behaviors into practice.

Firstly, please keep your emotions in control when you play the FIFA 15. With the good control of your emotions, you can cooperate with your teammates well.

Secondly, please be direct, factual and sincere when you play the FIFA 15. You have to express your concern or problem clearly and constructively so that others understand where you're coming from. Getting to the point, stating the facts as you know them, and speaking with candor and respect are the best ways of getting to a point constructively and increasing the likelihood that you'll be heard the way you want to be heard.


Thirdly, please get into problem solving when you play the FIFA 15. So you have a conflict with another team member. Big deal! And you've worked out a solution with the other team member? Oh, now, that is the big deal. The whole idea is not the fact a difference or disagreement exists between two or more people, but rather that actions are taken to hammer out a solution. When you're able to work out solutions with other team members, now that's the big deal that teams need to have for resolving conflicts.

In brief, with above constructive behaviors into practice, I believe that the players can avoid the conflicts in the FIFA 15. 

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