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How To Keep Good Relationships With Your Teammates In The FIFA 15

With the popularity of the FIFA 15, many players try their best to learn the playing methods to play the FIFA 15 well. However, as far as I’m concerned, keeping good relationships with your teammates is also one important factor to play the FIFA 15 well. And I have learned the following useful tips to keep good relationships with my teammates.

Firstly, to keep good relationships with your teammates, you should recognize your teammates’ efforts. You can tell each one how much you value his or her work. Be specific in your comments about what each colleague adds to the team. Maintain a pattern of daily recognition to keep your teammates in good spirits.


Besides, if you want to keep good relationships with your teammates, you have to encourage your teammates with positive language. You can use affirmative statements and avoid pointing out the negative. Stay optimistic in your constructive criticism and always end conversations on a positive note. Inspire teammates by pointing out their individual talents, creativity and courage.

Moreover, to keep good relationships with your teammates,creating realistic goals is also important. You need to set a plan of action and a timeline with your team that is achievable. Keep emotions up at all times and stay focused. Brainstorm on problems together and find agreements on solutions to ensure the team remains concentrated on the same objectives.

In conclusion,it all depends on yourself to keep good relationships with your teammates. 

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