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Many of FIFA 15s new features are almost impossible to have on Xbox 360 and PS3

The new edition of the popular video game, now on sale, includes the Match Day Live hub, which allows Goal to keep players up to date with the world's latest new. Goal is teaming up with the world's most loved football video game to provide an unrivalled new live service which links virtual with reality. The link-up underlines Goal's status as the most respected source of news and views from all over the globe, and brings together two of the world’s biggest footballing institutions.

"FIFA fans are always connected to their favorite clubs and leagues, and Goal is the perfect source to integrate all the right news and stats into Match Day Live to fuel that connection," said David Rutter, the GM of EA Sports FIFA. Many of FIFA 15's new features are "almost impossible" to have on Xbox 360 and PS3, EA has said.

Producer Sebastian Enrique explained that PS4, Xbox One and PC's added processing power and memory enables the team to do things it couldn't do before, such as the player emotions and the TV-style presentation system. While emotions and TV-style presentation won't appear on Xbox 360 and PS3, "part of the new" teammate intelligence - which allows them to contextualise the progress of the match and react accordingly - will be there.

Already we know of a number of brand spanking new features. ’15 will feature, for the first time, an “emotion engine” that controls how the players interact with each other. Expect to see goalkeepers hollering at their defenders for letting a goal go in and fans in the terraces come alive like never before. The player search tool has had a makeover as well, with it now easier to find the player that you want and instant pop-ups of players will appear as you are typing away. The story-lines including the match day live feature will bring the latest real-time news straight to your feed in manager mode and deliver to you the latest headlines in the world of football.

Another new feature called Team Sheets will prevent you from having to go all the way to Team Management to change up your team for each match.  Instead, you can create customized team structures for different types of matches.  Team Sheets will allow you to create six different change-ups and label them in a helpful way.  So you could for example have a default League Cup team, and another default Champions League team.  This way when you go to different types of competitions, you don’t have to go in and customize every single time.

However, adding new features every year has resulted in some amazing modes being dropped, many of which we’d love to return. If you took the fantastic FIFA 15 as the starting point, you’d just need to add these old features and you’d have the ultimate football game.
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