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Minecraft got another Snapshot update

Minecraft Accounts for Sale Minecraft got another Snapshot update this week to let players on the Java version of the game test out some new features. One of those new features is another Biome added to the game called the “Dripstone Caves Biome.” It’s part of the larger upcoming Caves & Cliffs update and if you’ve got the Java version of the game and the inclination to download Snapshots to see what’s new you can test it out now.

Snapshots are designed to give players the chance to test out new features play around with new items and biomes and also provide feedback to the developers. These snapshots are only playable on the Java version of Minecraft.


The two highlights from this snapshot are certainly the dripstone caves Cheap Minecraft Accounts biome which gives the dripstone blocks introduced in the last snapshot a new home and the sculk sensor which can detect sound via vibrations and gives off redstone signals.

In the meantime Bedrock players can opt-in to the beta.

1) First players will have to open their Java edition Minecraft launcher.
2) Next click on the drop-down icon located in the bottom-left of the launcher.
3) Click "Latest snapshot 20w49a"

4) Click play.

Once these four easy steps have been completed the launcher will begin an installation process as the snapshot is downloaded.

In addition to that Biome there’s also the addition of “Sculk Sensors” to look forward to. The patch notes below explained what to expect from the new Biome as well as the Sculk Sensors.

Lastly the 20w49a snapshot addresses a few bug fixes (such as water from Dripstone breaking cauldrons bundles sometimes dropping all their contained items etc) and made a few changes to gameplay mechanics – a bit more technical and nothing that really directly affects the casual player. is the best place to Buy Cheap Minecraft Accounts safely and securely. Every Minecraft Premium/Legacy/Java accounts for sale is covered by our lifetime warranty.

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