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MLB The Show 21 is making its way to Xbox consoles for the first time

The past few years have been great for Xbox fans, especially thanks to Game Pass, cross-play support and it’s about to get better. The previously PlayStation-exclusive MLB The Show series is making its way to Xbox consoles for the first time, with MLB The Show 21.

Fans of the sport will also be able to create custom baseball stadiums in MLB The Show 21, which should help give the game some longevity. While it seems unlikely this foray into Microsoft's turf will encourage other Sony-exclusive titles to follow suit, attitudes about console exclusivity could start to shift if MLB The Show becomes a big success on Xbox. At this point only time will tell.

Sarah Bond, the head of game creator experience and ecosystem at Microsoft, told Axios: “It was a real, real sign of industry trust”.

Bond added that whilst Microsoft were working with MLB on a different baseball game, R.B.I Baseball, the conversation always shifted to MLB The Show: “We always said, ‘We love this game. It would be a huge opportunity to bring it to Xbox.'”

The deal came as a shock when it was announced back in April of this year, as the baseball title would be available later that same month for Xbox Game Pass on day one of its release. Meanwhile, MLB The Show 21 launched the same day on PS4 and PS5 as a full price title.

What this data shows us is that the barriers between platforms are becoming more blurred every day, as exemplified by the case at hand today, the launch of The Outer Worlds (from Obsidian, Xbox Game Studios studio) on other platforms or the arrival of console games on Steam and other PC services. In fact, Phil Spencer has never closed the door to Xbox Game Pass ending up on other platforms, even a direct rival like PlayStation.

Overall, MLB The Show 21 is a great baseball game that looks good visually and is fun to play. It’s also great to see Xbox fans finally get to experience the MLB The Show series for themselves.

The game is available for Xbox One, PS4 for $79.99 CAD and Xbox Series X & S and PS5 for $89.99 CAD. The title is a part of Xbox Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate at no additional cost.

There are reasons for fans of sports simulation games to be interested in MLB The Show 21 beyond its interesting place in the video game publishing scene. On top of it being a major first-party game for next-generation consoles, there are quality-of-life improvements in MLB The Show 21 such as the game displaying home run distance and exit velocity without players needing to view a replay.

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