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More than 5.5 million fans worldwide have played the FIFA 15 demo

Electronic Arts Inc. today announced that EA SPORTS FIFA 15 is available in retail stores now throughout North America, and as a digital download on Origin. The game releases worldwide later this week. More than 5.5 million* fans worldwide – the most ever for an EA SPORTS game – have played the FIFA 15 demo on one or more of the following platforms: PC, Xbox One all-in-one gaming system from Microsoft and Xbox 360 video game console, or PlayStation4 and PlayStation3 computer entertainment systems.

FIFA 2015 on next gen consoles is fantastic, with all the players rendered in unbelievable realism. From Messi to Ronaldo each player looks the part with all their statistics reflecting on how they move on the pitch. The player kits look authentic and exhibit cloth physics when grabbed. On rainy pitches their clothes get wet so do the players hair and during the course of the game they get dirty and mucky. A staggering attention to detail. The stadiums resound with the chants of thousands of fans in unison, and the game is best experienced using a surround sound home theatre system or a good pair of headphones.

One of the biggest criticism on FIFA 15 was the difficulty in searching for top quality players. That’s been rectified – looking for bargains and formidable players off the top of your head has never been so easy. They still cost a ridiculous amount of money though. But have fun, it’s not your money. There are some other nice details though - I like how players get a bit muddy late in a game; and the way they present the highlights now looks really nice. As for that FIFA "feel"? It feels good! In fact, I think this is the best AI in FIFA game in years. There's a great flow to the game as you pass the ball around and try to break through the defense for a shot on goal.

No position on the pitch has to move his eyes back and forth more than the goalie. FIFA 15 has placed a large emphasis on the goalie and increasing the lifelike ability of this all-important position. One of the most noticeable parts of the brand new goalkeeper technology is the ability for the keeper to read and react to the situations happening ahead of him. The goalkeeper tends to watch the ball more and react when you make a quick movement. This can become very helpful to the striker as he can expertly fake the goalkeeper out by going to the left and quickly taking a shot at the right side of the goal. This helps add an extra layer of strategy that was not known to the FIFA series in years past.

It’s totally delusional, but FIFA 15 helps me to feel connected to the rest of the world. Soccer is still a second-class sport in the United States, despite being the most popular sport in the world. I’ve heard plenty of pundits decry the sport’s low scoring, and pace, as though American sports are far superior. I’m not proud of this kind of cultural isolationism. Soccer is definitely growing in popularity in the United States, and certainly the last World Cup in Brazil drew in more spectators here than in years past. Nonetheless, growing up an American lead to me feeling detached from the vast majority of our world’s sports fans for whom soccer is the sport of choice. It’s like they knew a secret that I wasn’t invited to know.
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