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NHL 21,no versions for PS5 and Xbox Series X

nhl 21 coins for sale While fans are still eagerly awaiting the presentation of NHL 21 it was finally in a post published by the development team that the studio provided an update on the development of the game.

“For NHL 21 we made the decision to focus on adding innovation and new features rather than the resource-heavy task of porting the game to new console technology,” the official statement reads. “You’ll still be able to play NHL 21 on the next-gen consoles through forward compatibility but we are fully focused on launching NHL 21 on the Xbox One and PS4 and look forward to the opportunities the next-gen systems will bring in the future.”

Players who are in charge of reserving NHL 21 in physical format for PS4 in Spain will have the opportunity to take home the content that you can discover under these lines as a gift. The game is priced at € 69.95 and can be booked directly from the official GAME website:

NHL 21 game for PS4.
Additional downloadable content: HOCKEY bag ("ITEM in-GAME").
Additional downloadable content for HUT: 2 Diamond Choice Packs (one per month for two months).

When it comes to the next generation of consoles the development team says they've made the decision to put their energy into innovation and new gameplay features on current consoles rather than making versions specifically for the PS5 and the Xbox Series X. offer cheap HUT 21 Coins XBOX One/PS4 for you! All NHL 21 Coins Order are 100% hand-made. We guarantee fast and safe transaction.
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