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Not ready to play online? Try a FUT offline season!

Online or offline, sometimes it is hard to choose. No matter what you prefer, you must get familiar with it. Anyway, it is beneficial to start from the simplest one, for that you can gain a lot of experience. Only when you known all the tactics, can you perform it well. In consequence, you will earn many FIFA 15 coins to help you build the best team. Seasons are the most popular game mode in FUT 15. You start in division 10 and try winning the most games possible in order to reach the division 1. Each season has 10 games and your progress will be shown in the current season box with the points required for promotion.
In your seasons history you can also see your all-time record (W-D-L), your titles won and your last match results. By clicking on the current season box you get to see, in addition to the stuff on the screen before, how many matches remain of your season, your current form (last five games), your rewards for the division and your last three results with opponent and score across the bottom.
Let's face it. Offline FIFA isn't at the top of EA Sports' priority list right now.
With the success of Ultimate Team driving the franchise forward, it's been quite clear that Career Mode doesn't warrant a lot of attention from the developers.
Here is a quick guide to Seasons 10 through 6 against the computer. The point of illustrating this is to show that you can make a serious coin stash by knocking out these easy seasons. For example, you will win 14,100 coins by completing the “Ultimate Seasons” Divisions 10 to 6. The coin total would not include the number of games it would take you to complete all the seasons (which would be about 400 coins per game!).
Take your team to the top division by competing offline and winning matches. As you progress from the bottom and make your way to the top, you’ll encounter tougher challenges which will require you to improve your squad. Winning tournaments will earn you coins, items or even Packs.

When you’re ready, take your squad online and challenge others for the Season Title!
How to succeed in FIFA 15 online: First things first, the only way to truly succeed is to score goals, simple enough. However, many people take this to mean constantly try and score with every touch, and this is the wrong way to view the game. The other main focus is preventing the opponent from scoring, and both of these things can be assisted with the increase in possession. If you control the game, and keep your opponent constantly on the move, they will not only get frustrated, but also possibly tire their players out. Watch a team like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United, and they all play the possession game. Why? Because it works! The opponent cannot score if you have the ball (Unless you run it into your own net, but then that makes you an idiot!) and that is the premise for this first tip.
Once you have the possession needed to push forwards and keep your opponent at bay, you will want to know how to finish properly. In the game, the other priority, apart from obviously scoring goals, is stopping your opponent doing the same. A good defensive player will use a variety of tactics to prevent any sort of goal scoring opportunities.
You can play seasons on line or in single player mode. When you play on line you have only one league at each division to choose from. In single player mode, you have from 4 to 7 leagues to choose. Single player seasons may have entry requirements.
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