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Old School Rune Scape launches the 80-player Nightmare of Ashihama raid

The first February update for Old School RuneScape sees a much needed new boss added to the game. Old School RuneScape‘s last major PvM update was back in July 2019. Unlike the prior update, the new Nightmare of Ashihama boss does not directly feature as part of a quest. The Nightmare was originally polled back in November but has since had several changes made to it for balance purposes. All you need to take on The Nightmare is the completion of the Priest in Peril quest and 10,000 coins. However, given the creature’s combat level of 814, it’s best if left for more experienced players.

You’ll be able to tackle The Nightmare in groups of up to 80 players at a time. While you can technically take it down solo, and the difficulty scales with the size of the current group, the studio says “only the very best” will be able to kill The Nightmare alone – so it might be a good idea to team up and take it down together.

Players that manage to take down The Nightmare will be able to snag some rewards, so long as they do a certain amount of damage. The better a player does, the better the rewards a player will earn. Rewards are unique to players, too, so there's no need to scramble around after the fight quickly grabbing loot. The only exception is a single unique item, which will be awarded to one of the players that met the minimum damage requirement. The more damage a player did, the better their odds of earning the unique are. Unique rewards always lead to RuneScape players trying to scam each other, so look out for any players suddenly trying to be extra friendly after getting a cool item. If you want to know where to Buy Old School RuneScape Gold, will be your best choice.

Dying during the Nightmare of Ashihana will be a bit of a setback, as the regular rules apply. Hardcore Iron players that perish while battling The Nightmare will lose their status. Others will have to pay an NPC 60,000 coins to get their gear back from the boss fight. It's steep, but not as much as the Runescape player that spent $62,000 on the game has invested.
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