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Riot Games are shipping seven new Ruination skins in League of Legends patch 11.15

A couple names interestingly pop out on the champion nerf list but none more so than Gwen. Since 11.13 players have been asking Riot to do something about the Hallowed Seamstress, who terrorized the rift with her eye-popping damage numbers. Although they did address fan complaints in the 11.14 update by stating that only on the pro level in western regions was she deemed OP, she still remains one of the highest banned champions in competitive play. The places that they’ll likely target are the damage numbers of her “Snip, Snip” and the up-time of her “Hallowed Mist” to help bring her down to earth.

While there isn't a great deal of information regarding the patch at this time, what we do know is that Aurelion Sol will be receiving a nerf after accumulating a win rate of at least 57.3% over the past two updates, according to Riot's lead game designer Jeevun Sidhu.

Akshan, the Rogue Sentinel
Patch 11.15 is headlined by the new hero, Akshan. He is a midlane marksman using a grappling gun to deal damage to his foes, while also giving him some versatile utilities.

When using his ultimate ability, Comeuppance, he will start channeling power into his gun, thereby loading it with bullets. After a short period or upon recast, Akshan will then fire bullets at his enemies. The bullets deal physical damage based on the missing health of the first target they hit, including structures.

More Sentinels of Light skins
Riot Games are shipping seven new Ruination skins in League of Legends patch 11.15, including “Sentinel,” “Ruined,” and “Unbound” alternate cosmetics.

This update’s skin releases are all tied into LoL’s overarching Season 11 story. Viego has possessed disciples across Runeterra (the Ruined). Now the region’s defenders (Sentinels) have been tasked with stopping the League of Legends big bad. We already saw seven similar skins in last cycle’s LoL update.

New Skins
Some lore-inspired skins will be added in the next update. They are:
    Rengar: 1,350 RP
    Pyke: 1,350 RP
    Graves: 1,820 RP

    Miss Fortune: 1,350 RP

    Thresh: Rewards

The upcoming update will also introduce Akshan’s Cyber Pop skin on launch day which costs 1,350 RP.

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