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Rogue Company officially starting its Season One

The content update to date, with the Rogue Company officially starting its Season One. Xbox Series X & S, where Rogue Company was made available for free.

Rogue Company's Season One Battle Pass features droves of all-new cosmetic content, including sprays, avatars, weapon wraps, and four exciting new Rogue outfits. If you favor snipers, you’ll want to train your sights on the new One Shot One Kill Fixer, a stylish new outfit that unlocks instantly upon purchase of the Battle Pass. After that, unlock Stunt Double Dallas, Tough Guy Trench, and the ultimate Battle Pass reward: Hellfire Protocol Scorch. This bold reimagining of Scorch as a deadly cyborg who’s programmed for pyrotechnics is one of the most ambitious outfits yet from they team – and it’s currently only available in the Season One Battle Pass!

This is the new Roge Kestrel
Kestrel becomes a duelist. She is a bit older and her career as a rogue is already behind her. Instead, she recently focused on her own fashion company.But now she has been ordered back by the company and is fully involved in the action again.

Her special ability consists of drones that are on her shoulders. These can also shoot rockets and thus support them in combat.If you want to play Kestrel, you can earn it with in-game currency or buy it directly for real money, similar to the MOBA LoL.

New Battle Pass and annual packages
Also released today, the Season One Battle Pass, the first by the Rogue Company, releases up to 50 cosmetic items that radiate danger, attitude, or both. Scorch Infernal Protocol oversees everything, like the final Pass reward.

Players advance through the Season One Battle Pass simply by playing, with many of the items being given away completely for free. Among these items are account amplifiers, a new type of Battle Pass reward. And there's even more for those who buy the Premium Pass for 1000 mercenary bucks, including the time to release the Latin Dictator outfit for The Fixer, the famous sniper who lives in Atlanta.

There are also three new packs available in the game at an unbeatable price. Players have the choice of which equipment they want to launch into the first season of Rogue Company.

● Rogue Edition - Eight playable agents from last year and 500 Rogue Bucks will be unlocked for € 24.99.
● Annual Pass 1 - Also for € 24.99, all eight agents that will appear in 2021 will be unlocked immediately when they are released, as well as 500 Rogue Bucks.
● Ultimate Edition - For € 49.99, players receive both packages and an additional 500 Rogue Bucks - a total of 1500 Rogue Bucks.

In order to ensure fair competition and a reasonable challenge, the ranking mode of Rogue Company is now divided into tiers, which in turn are divided into divisions in which players can move up or down depending on their performance. The structure is expanded to include some new functions. There will be placement matches, group restrictions, and seasonal rewards.

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