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Soccer Stars, subbuteo on smartphone

Soccer Stars Coins Almost everyone knows what Subbuteo is for those few disadvantaged who have never heard the rules are: two players two goals 11 men each arranged on a green carpet. In turn you have to try to throw the ball between the poles by hitting the plastic miniatures with finger tips. In short miniature football.

Soccer Stars Apple and Android have brought a free version of this game to their devices: Soccer Stars. Here we have 5 pucks each similar to hockey ones which will have to be pushed to hit the ball and make it cross the goal line.

Soccer Stars

The key features of Soccer Stars are simple gameplay and amazing physics. The game can be recommended not only to sports fans Buy Soccer Stars Coins but also to all fans of mobile entertainment.

The user can also play offline against a friend on the same device collect different teams and different cups from different tournaments.

Soccer Stars is truly a beautiful title that breaks that monotony of the classic football games that come out every year for console and mobile. A very different and fun game system very simple and easy to learn. With nice graphics and beautiful to look at is definitely a game that in our opinion should be tried at least once.

Perhaps in our gamers career we have never seen such simple gameplay or control system as this one from Soccer Stars. In fact there are few commands that we will have to memorize: it will be better to focus on tactics. In a field with 5 pawns our task will be to move and score goals for our team. To make the pawns move just hold down on one of them and swipe upwards for the power of the shot and left and right according to the game situation in which you are to calibrate the aim and direction of your player-pawn .

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