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The Fifa 15 Allows The Players TO Play Flexibly

As a loyal fan of the Fifa 15,I found that I can play flexibly in the game.The examples are as follows.

First and foremost,I can possess the ball flexibly in the Fifa 15 game. With the refined dribbling and defensive tackling, my presenting feels more organic and real, like I’m playing by my own whims. There is not negotiating imposed constraints. Shirking off a challenge and retaining possession, or conversely winning the ball after a tackle and starting the counter attack happens fluidly. A foot race between two players for a free ball feels like a real contest, with physicality and unexpected ball baubles coming into play.


Besides, with the flexibility, I can react emotionally to the gameplay in a much better way in the Fifa 15 game. On the one side, I can realistically breathe while running up and down the pitch. On the other side, I can experience a wide range of emotions (over 600 total in the game) that tell the story of each individual match.

Last but not the least, with the flexibility, I can change kits in the Fifa 15 game. There are five types of the kits. They are home kits, away kits,third kits,classic kits and international kits. I can choose my favorite kits.

Therefore, with above nimble features, I can play flexibly in the Fifa 15 game. 

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