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The Fifa 15 Needs to Foster Its Strengths And Circumvent The Weaknesses

As we all know, PES 15 is the strongest competitor of the Fifa 15. And after the head to head competitions with Pes 15, the Fifa 15 has always been the dominant rival with the following advantages.

•Animations of players’ sprinting, feinting and combining into trick moves are slicker in FIFA 15. Moreover, the goalkeeper animations vastly upgraded and they are more responsive in FIFA 15.

•FIFA 15 has incorporated its next-generation graphics engine in this game, which looks incredible. You can see players and their uniforms getting dirty, and they also move in a natural way. However, the details are not so good in PES 15 and it seems like a step back when you play this game after playing FIFA 15. Besides, graphics and viewing angles of replays in FIFA 15 are much better than PES 15.

•FIFA 15 allows you to change kits, but you can’t do that in PES 15. Meanwhile, FIFA 15’s overhaul of the Premier League match day experience creates a sense of atmosphere which lacked in PES 15.

However, a coin has two sides. There are many defects in the Fifa 15. For example,the Fifa 15 has less balanced sprinting than the PES 15.

Therefore, if the Fifa 15 wants to keep its dominant rival place, it needs to foster its strengths and circumvent the weaknesses. As a result, in order to circumvent its weaknesses, the Fifa 15 needs to learn from both its strongest competitor and other weak opponents. 

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