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The FUT 15 market is simply beyond manageable repair in terms of its pricing

Like all FIFA titles of the past few years, FIFA 15 comes with its share of incremental improvements, controversial gameplay tweaks (this year; faster play, much harder defending) and pretty much the same set of frustrations from the last one you played. The series has slowly turned into a club who will splash millions on flashy strikers while ignoring basic structural deficiencies in their team; and unless my E3 2015 fan-fiction somehow turns into an eerie Derren Brown-like prediction I’d expect much the same next year. Except, you know, with the crucial addition of next gen player-mounted insect tech or something. While EA Sports luxuriate in Ultimate Team wealth and licensing heaven, they’re doing the bare minimum to maintain the series' technical aspects. FIFA 15 still plays decent football, but with the same bugs and instabilities of the past few seasons.

Players also just handle more like human beings. The real-life dominant foot (left/right) of an individual matters when it comes to dribbling the ball. They’ll stutter their steps to prepare for an incoming pass, then position themselves to protect it from the opposing team. The play is pure FIFA, same as it ever was, but even after just a few minutes of playing, it’s evident how much smoother everything is. As with any sports sim, the key changes this year are minor, iterative enhancements, the sort that only invested fans really pick up on. That said, FIFA 15 feels as polished and accessible as it ever has thanks to another year of work on Ignite. Look for it this fall when it comes to PlayStation and Xbox consoles, as well as — for the first time — PC.

There are plenty of modes for you to play in this game, including the common “friendly” matches against the AI, the career mode, which includes two different game modes, one being you as a manager and the other being an actual player that starts his career and moves up until he gets called for his national team, and hired by his dream team, and the Ultimate Team mode, which seems to be the most popular game mode of the latest FIFA games, which puts you in charge of a basic team as a manager, looking to get the best possible players (in a card-based interface) with the best chemistry between them.

Whatever the trouble is and whoever’s fault it is out of EA or Sony, someone dropped a clanger on the high-profile release of one of the year’s biggest games. It’s absurd customers should be disappointed in this way after spending £50-60 on a product and should have to fiddle around with their internet settings to make it work. I’m pleased I opted to only give it a yellow card instead of a red and an early bath because once it’s working right Fifa 15 produces a man-of-the-match performance in which its silky skills shine through. EA’s depiction of the beautiful game in the 2014/15 version of Fifa takes some getting used to, though.

Why is Messi’s Price Range still so high? I thought EA wanted to lower market pricing for FUT players?

The short answer is, EA do. However doing so for FUT 15 isn’t really an option for a number of reasons. The first being that slamming the stable door after the horse has bolted, burnt down the farm and won The Grand National, is pretty pointless. In other words, the FUT 15 market is simply beyond manageable repair in terms of its pricing; the damage is done. The only thing EA can do right now is to bring about some more predictable price stability; which the price ranges intend to offer. Plus, if you actually own Messi, worth in the current market around 5 million. You’d be pretty pissed off if EA slashed his value in half overnight. That’s even more so the case had you managed to earn Messi through legitimate play, or by packing him. So right now EA are merely maintaining the FUT 15 price status quo, nothing more. What it does ensure though is that Messi’s price won’t rise or fall beyond a reasonable margin based on his sales trends so far this season.
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