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The iconic Oof sound effect is about to be removed from Roblox

Roblox Jailbreak Cash The famous"oof"sound that accompanies a death in Roblox has been temporarily removed. It will make a comeback as a microtransaction (correctly licensed) for players to buy for 100 Robux or about $1 USD. The developer who originally created the sound will receive compensation from sales of the Roblox death sound.

However only developers who build games for Roblox will have to pay the fee to use the sound with general players still being able to experience the bittersweet (mostly sweet) joy of hearing “oof” when they die.


The “oof” effect’s origin is from 2000 action-adventure game Messiah where Tommy Tallarico worked on the game as a music and sound producer and created the iconic sound. Currently Tallarico is the president of Intellivision Entertainment.

Additionally Tallarico has created a sound effects kit for the game that Roblox developers can use with the price ranging from $10 to $250 depending on how many sounds are purchased.

“We worked together to find a fair resolution that allows Tommy to Roblox Jailbreak Money become part of the Roblox community,” a Roblox spokesperson said. “As part of our commitment towards UGC content we will replace the platform’s default ‘game over’ sound effect with a new audio track later this month.”

This situation was resolved favorably though similar situations in the past have not. Remember when Alfonso Ribeiro accused Fortnite of stealing his dances? He ended up dismissing those lawsuits with no compensation. Fortnite has since opened up to working with artists on creating online performances on its virtual stage. is the best place for purchasing Roblox Jailbreak Currency special price 100% safe no hack no cheats will happen real sellers real stocks! Shop now!

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