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The most interesting new additions to FUT 15 is Concept Squads

It’s clear so far that EA have really improved the visuals and immersive nature of the game, but have they taken the game-play that step forward in the same way? Well the answer is both yes and no. Generally FIFA plays brilliantly with the game engine being noticeably different to last year; I find this game tries to encourage a more realistic approach when controlling your team especially in defence. Tactical defending is now a lot harder to master, long gone are the days of just holding down the press button until your defender just won the ball. You now have to actively time your players’ tackles, this iteration of FIFA is a lot less forgiving than last year. You have to time the tackle to perfection to nick the ball off a talented forward. This certainly means you have to be patient and not just charge in with several players, do this and a huge gap will appear that the opposition will easily exploit.

In fact, weight and momentum play a bigger part in general. Ground passes are zippier, particularly over longer distances, meaning you have to be more accurate with them to keep play flowing. Players now use all parts of their boots to nudge, flick and lay the ball off, although you will have to get used to giving them a touch more power. Stringing together a few first-touch passes is hugely satisfying, particularly because it often feels on the edge of all falling apart, a bit like pulling off an improvised combo in a beat 'em up.

One of the most interesting new additions to FUT is that of Concept Squads. You can basically build a squad with whatever cards you want in this, allowing you to experiment with that Spanish/English League squad you’ve been meaning to build and see how the chemistry looks before you start trying to gather the players up for real. Concept Squads can be shared too, so if you’ve got a particularly potent looking group, you can let your friends try to gather the players themselves.

You can start a career as a manager or player in any of those leagues. It would be nice to offer a bit of a tutorial to the career mode as a manager or player. If you're not a hardcore world football fan, you could be a bit overwhelmed by all of the options in the career modes. Aside from exhibition—which is called kick-off—and career modes, there's also the return of FIFA Ultimate Team, tournaments, skill games, seasons, Pro Clubs, Co-Op Seasons, online friendlies, matchday live and the ability to create a player.

Perhaps the key difference between Man of the Match and in-form cards is the availability of each. Both offer an upgraded version of a pre-existing player and are only in packs for a limited amount of time. Although the in-form Team of the Week is available for seven days, Man of the Match cards will be in packs for a couple of hours maximum. Man of the Match promotions usually coincide with a territorial Happy Hour that offers consumers a quick opportunity at buying more expensive packs. These are usually premium and player-only purchases that offers a larger amount of items for your money. All orange African Cup of Nations cards were re-released in a Team of the Tournament capacity once the championship had ended. I wouldn't expect this to happen for anything other than month long football festivals.
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