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The most notable changes in fifa 15 is the goalkeeping gameplay

FIFA 15 comes off as more polished experience than last year’s effort, though FIFA 14 was still a good game in its own right. If you are coming from FIFA 13 and earlier, then this year’s instalment may convince to upgrade, particularly if you have a PlayStation 4. However, those who bought FIFA 14 last year may prefer to wait for the next instalment for a different experience.

One of the most notable changes in this year’s game is the goalkeeping gameplay. There are over 50 new goalkeeper animations, which means your ‘keeper looks and plays a lot more realistically compared to previous editions. Before, almost every single shot that touched the keeper’s hands was caught, whereas now, shots will be tipped away by a fingertip or punched out of penalty area with force. The virtual soccer experience is ultimately determined by the opponent AI, and the opposing teams in FIFA 15 put up a good challenge during a match. The AI in FIFA 14 could sometimes be a bit too challenging, pulling off some feats that left your team members in the dust. The AI in FIFA 15 is still tough, though not as flawless in spotting openings in your defence and exploiting them before you can react.

One of the seriously cool aspects of the game is the ‘Living Pitch,’ which sees the playing surface wearing down over the course of a game. While the stadiums look absolutely top-notch, we were a tad disappointed with some of the player graphics. We were absolutely blown away by the player graphics in NHL 15, which left us expecting the same for FIFA, but we found them to be a bit square, ridged and a tad robotic at times.

Problem control, I feel FIFA 15 is more difficult compared to FIFA 14. Whether because of my own lack of proficient or indeed like that. For example, in the series of the 14 when you pass the ball, although the direction you are headed is not very precise, the ball will still point to your friend. While in FIFA 15, it seems you have to actually direct it with more precision. Similarly, the shot on goal, often the opportunities that I created in front of goal foundered because of misses to the side of the net.

The rest I felt the features that put this game looks like a minor player who can get dirty clothes, grass over time there are former players shoes, mood changing players, and others. Nevertheless, we should give appreciation for the minor features of the game more natural look.

Key features in fifa 15

Increased realism

Thanks to the graphical power of next generation hardware, FIFA 15 is able to deploy improved lighting, and scanned 3D likenesses look more realistic than ever. Improved body rigging and character models mean that players also look more athletic - and move realistically.

Improved dribbling

Players like Messi seem to dribble with the ball stuck to their feet, and FIFA 15 makes it easier to do. Run Touch Dribbling means it’s easier to control the ball at slow speed, with more precise, accurate control when sprinting.

Tougher play

FIFA 15 shows a renewed focus to the more physical side of the game, with shoulder barges, shirt pulling and push pull mechanics all showing the rough side to football. When it all goes wrong, FIFA 15’s improved 'big fall mechanics' promise stunning fouls.
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