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The Players In FUT 15 Can Select A Variety Of Training From The Home Screen Mode

FIFA 15 has the interesting way skill games, where players can enjoy a number of tests, and even improve some of the most important fundamentals of the game.

From the main menu of the game, select Skill Games (Skill Games) to access the mode. From the home screen mode, you can select a variety of training, starting from simple tutorials of how to control the players, until evidence to require a lot of skill.

You must also select a player to fulfill the tasks. Opt for high levels of players . For more specific tasks, also gives to choose subject matter experts, as Pirlo for free kicks, and Sergio Ramos for defensive evidence. Complete the first tests to unlock the most complex challenges. At the end of each challenge, you will receive a note. You must achieve a minimum score to unlock the next levels. If you could not score, press B / Ball to restart the race. As you progress, the tasks become increasingly complex, requiring more grip on the athlete and knowledge of the game commands. Among the most useful and fun are the challenges of completion, where you need to hit targets positioned in goals. With this training, will be much easier finish during matches, increasing utilization. Another good example is complicated proof of the dribble, which is necessary to exercise command over the player while avoiding obstacles and race against time. Choose more skilled players to have well in this test.

Available on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox One 4 and 360 but also on tablet and smartphone, FIFA 15 is probably the best football simulator released to date. Both very intuitive for fans Sunday and very comprehensive for enthusiasts, the 2015 edition we do live matches with an impressive realism.

Here are 11 tips to win in FIFA 15. Eleven tips that will be very useful to make a difference. For example, how do you use the offside or how to ask your attackers to put pressure on the opponent. How to shield his defense for not conceding goals?

FIFA 15 fan, here together in this comprehensive guide our best tips and tricks to become the Messi of the joystick!  

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