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The Unrivaled Graphics In The FIFA 15 Bring The Football To Life

Recently, more and more players reflects that they like the unrivaled graphics in the FIFA 15. And this unrivaled graphics in the FIFA 15 bring the football to life.

On the one hand, the players in the FIFA 15 have never appeared more realistic. This displays not only in the way EA modelled their faces, but also the emotions they display. Each of the 22 active players react to what happens on the field, be it scoring a goal, receiving a red card or being on the business end of a dirty move; there are more than 600 emotional responses in FIFA 15. For example, a player repeatedly fouled by a rival may eventually get in that person’s face, which is something we don’t often see in sports games, the fire ignited by heated competition. On a side note, we imagine the ten-player goal celebrations will get the blood pumping. Moreover, players now feature realistic hair movement and lifelike breathing, which looks so incredible it’s downright creepy, as the developers inch several steps closer to the uncanny valley.

On the other hand, the pitch also appears more realistic.The field will display wear and tear as the match progresses. Footprints leave marks in the grass, and you’ll see splashes of water kicked up during rainfall. On top of that, corner flags will bend whenever the ball or player brushes into one, and the goal itself will rattle if said ball ricochets off a bar instead of sailing into the net; expect to see animated LED boards in each stadium. 

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