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There are plenty of problems surrounding Zhongli

Genshin Impact Accounts Sorry Paimon but Zhongli’s sexy voice and wisdom would make him the perfect travel companion. Fans of the game marvel on how a 20+ year old scrawny looking man sound like a narrator for National Geographic. You might even dream that you’ll be spending your time together in a mall but be wary as he wouldn’t have the money to pay for your shopping bill. Given his poor financial skills and his insane thirst for knowledge means that a simple walk in a park is the perfect dating scenario.

We can't deny there are plenty of problems surrounding Mihoyo's latest release; it's a little difficult to use geo as an element right now with the way Genshin Impact is designed and Zhongli hits like a wet noodle. Let's throw all of that aside for a moment though because we're discovering way more important things right now.


The players hoped for a lot from him. But Zhongli does not live up to these expectations. It belongs to the element Geo and does little damage. Many players have written about their frustration in forums and in reddit.

In the meantime even the developers have commented on Zhongli. However they say that many underestimate the new character. Because he is not there to cause a lot of damage but takes on the role of a supporter.

Finally miHoYo has chimed in on the situation offering an apology for their silence to date. Cheap Genshin Impact AccountsThey released a lengthy explanation that is mostly explaining how Zhongli is meant to work as a hero which some people appear to be missing though they do not rule out potential buffs for him in the future.

He isn’t the ideal character if you’re focused on a budget friendly build. However if the character design is enough to entice you then acquiring him is a must. His charm and looks will leave you petrified and his fighting style is a martial arts movie made to perfection.

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