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Trickbot Delivery Method Gets a New Upgrade Focusing on Windows 10

Researchers have identified the use of Windows 10 functionality to automatically execute the OSTAP JavaScript downloader on victim machines. In their investigation, they found other attack groups abusing the same control, and earlier controls, with a slightly different technique.

The functionality being exploited is the latest version of the remote desktop ActiveX control class introduced for Windows 10, Morphisec Labs analysts explain in a blog post. Over the past few weeks, they have identified "a couple dozen documents" that execute the OSTAP JavaScript downloader.

Attackers use the ActiveX control to automatically execute a malicious macro after a victim enables a document. Most documents held an image to convince people to enable the content. Doing this executed the malicious macro; however, the image also concealed an ActiveX control below it. The OSTAP downloader is hidden in white text so it's invisible to people but can be read by machines. Researchers report this technique will work only on Windows 10 devices. If you need Buy Windows 10 Pro Product Key, you can visit our site

Updating your operating system is necessary for better security, even though it doesn’t always serve that purpose. This example with OSTAP makes it clear that this doesn’t always work. Even with an updated OS, there remains a need for preventive measures such as attack surface reduction, moving target defense, and hardening.

There are hundreds more objects that have been introduced in the latest Windows 10 and even dozens more methods in the described object that sophisticated attackers can abuse. There might also be opportunities for vulnerability exploitation with every new feature but this is not in the scope of this blog post.
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