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Valheim, a mod recreates Azeroth, the map of World of Warcraft

Are you fans of both Valheim and World of Warcraft? Or maybe you would like to play survival from Iron Gate Studio in locations that resemble the world of the Blizzard Entertainment megahit? If so, you should be interested in the Valheim of Warcraft mod, which offers a map with a topography to Azeroth.

Valheim is based on Norse mythology and generating a map to explore has made many think of Skyrim, but at the same time this opens the door to modders of all kinds.Valheim continues to be an invaluable point of attention for players, even as the initial boom begins to wane in terms of media coverage. However, it is clear that we will not be short of content, since with patches like this, it makes you want to continue playing.

Two exceptions: if you look at the map, you will notice that two areas from World of Warcraft are missing. These are Outland and the Shadowlands, both of which are outside of Azeroth. The developer's plan is to add the two worlds.

Technically, the Maelstrom in the middle of Azeroth is also missing. However, this is not so easy to implement in Valheim for technical reasons.

The custom map starts players off in a recreated version of the Timeless Isle that includes active portals to World of Warcraft’s various starting zones. From there, each zone has its own progression path and boss battles to play through, with further portals that ferry you around the land in place of World of Warcraft’s ship and zeppelin routes.

The modification includes places such as Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor, Nothrend, Wandering Isle, Pandaria, Broken Isles or Timeless Isle (we start the fun on the latter). Each wife has her own path of progression, but over time, they connect with each other, allowing several people to have fun together. There were also fast travel options (ships, zeppelins and underground trains were replaced with portals).

On May 8, Valheim of Warcraft appeared, a Kromek mod that uses the same islands from World of Warcraft Version 9.0 and allows access to worlds such as Shadowlands. It makes us appear on the Timeless Island and there is a portal to each zone of World of Warcraft, according to the description of the mod, and each zone has its own progression, as echoed in Gamerant.

Where is the journey from Valheim going?
Since the start in Early Access, things have become a little quieter on the content front of Valheim. However, the developers have big plans to expand the survival game in the future and make it more extensive.

 However, the developers did not expect the huge success of their game. For this reason, some updates that will now appear later than originally planned have been delayed.

To add Valheim of Warcraft map to your game:
  •     Go to Users/[Your User Name]/AppData/LocalLow/IronGate/Valheim on your PC.
  •     Back up the “Worlds” and “Characters” folders to a safe, easily accessible location so you can recover your game data if something goes wrong.
  •     Install the Better Continents mod from Nexus Mods (requires a free Nexus Mods account).
  •     Download the Valheim of Warcraft map zip folder from Nexus Mods.
  •     Unzip the Valheim of Warcraft map to Users/[Your User Name]/AppData/LocalLow/IronGate/Valheim/worlds
  •     Open Valheim, then select “Valheim of Warcraft” from the listed worlds to start playing.

Instructions for playing the map online are included on Valheim of Warcraft’s Nexus mod page.

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