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What if EA Sports’ Ignite Engine sucks

EA Sports has spent a lot of time in the build-up to the next generation of consoles bragging about it’s brand new Ignite Engine. Cheapest Fifa 14 Coins,Cheap Fifa 14 Coins for sale
The developers of FIFA 14 on next-gen have talked about how the tech has breathed new life into crowds, stadiums and made the players more intelligent than ever before. Graphically, it doesn’t look like a massive update from Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but having played it, I’m pretty confident saying the game has made a smooth transition.
he trailers of EA Sports’ American offerings, however, have looked less than promising. NBA Live 14 was launching under 2K14′s huge shadow, and had to come out with a bang. After much promise and hype, the first full NBA Live 14 trailer raised concerns. Steve Nash looked awful, more akin to something out of Team Fortress 2 than the latest sports sim.
Madden NFL 25 hasn’t looked much better, and the first review (from IGN) suggests that the current-gen version may be the better offering, even on a technical level. So it’s made me wonder, what if the Ignite Engine isn’t fit for purpose?
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