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World of Warcraft Classic increases subscriptions by 223 percent

It is not that WoW subscriptions have been bad at any time since its launch, but the truth is that the arrival of World of Warcraft Classic has been a considerable boost. In fact, according to Superdata data, this version of Blizzard for PC has achieved that the subscriptions of the title have risen 223% compared to last July. Indeed, scandalous numbers.

The latest Superdata report indicates that subscription earnings increased "an estimated 223% in August compared to July." This was enough to catapult the game to the top 3 of the games with more revenue on PC during the past month, second only to Dungeon Fighter Online and League of Legends. In the month of July they were in 7th place in this table.

An expansion that, by the way, Blizzard gives to all those who are able to reach the highest level in this WoW Classic. In any case, the title is being one of the most played right now in compatible, but also one of the most viewed on platforms such as Twitch.

It is worth noting that, despite the Wow Classic phenomenon, this was not the most economically successful period for the game. Superdata reports that August's total earnings were lower than those of the same month last year, when Blizzard launched the Battle for Azeroth expansion. However, taking into account part of the skepticism about WoW Classic before its launch we can ensure that the company must be very happy with the results.

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