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WoW Classic Alterac Valley Strategy for Horde Players

Alterac Valley (or AV) is a sprawling 40 Alliance vs. 40 Horde instanced battleground for levels 51 through 60 and 61 through 70. The battleground hosts a battle between the Horde’s Frostwolf Clan and the Alliance’s Stormpike Expedition. Players fight over various graveyards, towers, and other resources while attempting to assault the enemy General, whom is deeply entrenched in the enemy keep. AV hosts a variety of PvP and PvE objectives to supply ample ways for any player to get into the fight.

As you all know, once the general is killed throughout the Alterac Valley battleground, the match will end. So you'd better hurry up to defeat enemy players, capture and destroy enemy towers or bunkers and eliminate powerful enemy Lieutenants and Commanders.

However, it seems that rush strategies simply do not work in Alterac Valley of WOW Classic. The best method is that everyone can find a larger team, and they are assigned by role, stealth classes, ranged DPS and tank groups are assigned based upon their ability to respond to battlefield needs. So every player in the team should keep communication and choose the best role that is most suitable in the battlegrounds, and then taking part in the battles.

First and foremost, from an efficiency standpoint, it is always preferable to lose quickly, and thus be able to gain some Honor and enter another Battleground, rather than have extremely prolonged games. This is doubly true in Alterac Valley, as games can be extremely long when some conditions are met.

The main condition that will cause your games to last forever, is having too many defenders relative to attackers. This will cause both sides to enter a stalemate, and should be avoided at all costs, if you have efficient Honor farming in mind. Similarly, most sub-objectives are not worth pursuing from a Honor farming standpoint, as they have marginal impact on your ability to win Alterac Valley (Cavalry, Air Strikes, and Mine Supplies), or take too long (Ivus and Lokholar).

This means that your main priority should be assaulting Towers, Bunkers and offensive Graveyards, followed by taking down the enemy faction boss. You should also have a small team of defenders (preferably stealth classes) whose only goal is to retake those important map objectives once most enemies move on, gaining your faction valuable time to attack their own objectives. Stay tuned to and we will be the first one to inform you all the latest. Besides, our website also offer cheap wow classic gold for players.
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