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WoW Classic:layer switching considered cheat by Blizzard

The race to level 60 is in full swing in WoW Classic, but some players would abuse "layer switching", a method that uses one of the mechanics of the game to progress faster. Blizzard is aware and will take action.

To cope with the success of WoW Classic and allow game servers to support the impressive number of simultaneous players, Blizzard has set up a system called "layering". This replaces the sharding used by WoW. Problem: Some players use this technology to their advantage in order to progress faster in the game.

Sharding or Layering
The "sharding", or "horizontal partitioning", consists of distributing the players in different versions of the game zones, according to the local populations. This creates a certain balance and offers a smoother gaming experience. The disadvantage is that it also separates the players. NPCs or players can disappear spontaneously from the screen.

wow classic

Blizzard wants to maintain a "classic" experience with WoW Classic, which is why the publisher did not want the presence of sharding. But when publishing patches or launching extensions, the stress on gaming servers makes it mandatory for players to balance their technology. That's why Blizzard has developed "layering" or "layering".

This alternative technology allows different realms to create multiple separate instances of themselves, but this clipping covers all of the region fragments, ie the whole world! Once in a layer, a player can theoretically not change, unless he enters a group. And this is where the problem of "layer switching" arises.

Voluntarily change diapers to progress faster
By voluntarily changing a layer, a player will be able to cheat by cleaning a zone and recovering items (from the Black Lotus for example), then change diapers and resume cleaning, artificially accelerating his progress in the game. Blizzard is well aware of the problem and announced to put in place certain control procedures to make the change of layer more difficult to exploit.

Ultimately, this balancing technology should disappear anyway. The number of layers will be gradually reduced to one per kingdom by the launch of Phase 2.

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