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WoW: Patch 8.2.5 on September 25th

As promised the new models of worgen and goblins as well as a bee mount and other novelties arrive this Wednesday on Battle for Azeroth with patch 8.2.5.

Despite the craze for WoW Classic Blizzard has not forgotten Battle for Azeroth and will implement patch 8.2.5 Wednesday, September 25. As they had already mentioned before, the World of Warcraft developers have communicated via their official website that the worgen and the goblins will receive a visual adjustment but this is not the only novelty of this update.

New models
This is one of the main novelties of this update, the visual renewal of worgen and goblins. Appearing to the Cataclysm extension these breeds will receive not only an aesthetic improvement but also animations brought up to date.

New mount
Datamined a moment ago in the files of the game, the butineuse mount back-honey will make its arrival in World of Warcraft. To recover the Alliance players will have to go to Chantorage to help a certain Barry to locate the hive and win the friendship of the queen which will obtain the mount. Also note that players of both factions will be able to get various toys and other items.
Group synchronization
Recently discussed with Blizzard's announcement of the reworking of the World of Warcraft referral system, group synchronization comes with this patch 8.2.5. The tool will allow players who want to mount characters together to align on the same level, the same quest and the same phase.

End of the military campaign
After many tensions, battles and turmoil, the conflict reaches its peak between Surcroc, Anduin and Sylvanas. Players will be able to discover the outcome of this adventure in the last chapter of this campaign.

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