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Zombie Army 4 Dead War is horror-themed, gory, zombie shooting fun

The fastest way to describe Zombie Army 4: Dead War is that it’s a love child between Left 4 Dead and the Sniper Elite series, which it is technically spun-off from. Zombie Army 4: Dead War is a third person shooter where you and up to three friends can join together and fight hordes of zombies from safe room to safe room. If you’re not familiar with the Sniper Elite series, it has its own brand of third person stealth meets action gameplay. The Zombie Army series started as Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army and Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 2. Both of these titles eschewed the stone-cold seriousness of the main series, and embraced a campy experience that made you feel like you were walking through a haunted house as much as playing an action game.

Zombie Army 4‘s title distances itself from both the Sniper Elite moniker and the word Nazi but keeps just about everything else you would expect. This is the fourth entry in this spinoff series after all, so there isn’t much new ground to tread. Instead, Zombie Army 4 wades full speed into the territory of schlock.

The game is presented with all the accoutrement you would expect out of a ’70s grindhouse movie. It’s honestly not a bad approach given the material, but the biggest question remains: In a game where I can explode 50 Nazi zombie heads a minute, why am I so bored?

As in Strange Brigade your characters now have special abilities, giving you a boosted special melee attack that could be an electric fist or a divine blast, and perk slots as you level up your characters. With offensive, defensive and some more general purpose perks to unlock and equip, you can gradually lean into a particular roll as a player. If you’re a crackshot sniper playing solo, you might want to get the Combo King perk to heal you up for every 50 combo and combine that with the ability to revive yourself by killing an enemy while downed, but as part of a group, being able to heal your buddies with divine ammo might be a better bet.

The unlockables for the variety of weapons is plentiful and sees you bolting on electrified silencers or explosive rounds. And the perks upgrades are excellent too, pushing you to take out as many zombies as possible in order to level up.

But under the flaky dead skin of it all lies the combat, which is truly satisfying. Due to the sheer number of enemies, positioning is vital and you won’t be let off easily for any wayward shots.

And there are plenty of rewards for a steady stream of zapped zombies - once you pass x10 on the Kill Combo, you can activate a special melee takedown. Not only do these look great but they boost your health too.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War is horror-themed, gory, zombie shooting fun with an over-the-top feel that has just the right amount of campiness to even it all out. And while it benefits from not taking itself too seriously, it is seriously fun, even more so with friends.

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